We work to design and build your home with the tenants of honesty, integrity, craftsmanship, and open communication so that we leave every project completed to the best of our abilities and homeowners ready to take on the world with a new home or remodel that feels like their personalized haven.

High-Performance, Higher Comfort, Highest Integrity

About Green Haven

Residential Remodels & New Builds

Working together to design your home allows us the opportunity to incorporate our knowledge base ahead of time.  We get to know the home more intimately when designed in-house and we are able to produce a higher quality home when involved in the planning stages.  We also work together with architects and designers and already developed designs to finish plan documents and specifications with a target budget in mind.


New Builds

We work together from the beginning to plan, design (in-house or with other professionals), and construct the home of your dreams that is tailored to your wants and needs. We prefer to be involved in everything from site selection all the way to punch list completion and home occupation and beyond.  Building a new custom home is an experience like no other and is a process that should be enjoyable and approached with a team mentality.

Full Remodels

We can work together to design in-house or with other professionals to develop a design that fits within the existing residence that compliments or highlights the different aspects of the new areas that make your existing residence more livable and productive whether the new space is to relax, work, make room for more family or just a refresh of existing spaces to bring new life and help you fall in love with your house all over again.


Ryan Renard

Born in central Arkansas, Ryan knows the area well.  He attended high school in Little Rock and went on to the University of Arkansas and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture Studies and minors in Sustainability and Real Estate Finance.  After developing a love for getting your hands dirty and residential construction and remodeling, he left his office job in Fayetteville and returned to central Arkansas in 2017. He has been serving the community by producing high-quality, high-performance homes ever since.

Our Process

We discuss the project site, scope of work, and metrics by which a project is considered successful.  We can demonstrate design and project management software.  A custom home or remodel takes time and it is important that we get to know each other and operate as a team to achieve the desired outcome.

Our project management software allows you to track progress and schedule, confirm selections, and memorialize communications all in one location accessible from anywhere on a computer or in the cell phone application.

We work together in a collaborative process to bring your dream to life with 3D design software.  We can make changes in real time and achieve the best outcomes when we work together with your high-quality home taking priority and achieving a successful project that gives you the haven that you deserve.

Your home is built with attention to detail and under careful supervision to deliver the highest quality home possible, going above and beyond local codes and bringing new and fresh ideas to life.

We work to deliver a high-quality, high-performance home to last you a lifetime living in a  clean and comfortable environment with durable materials that minimize maintenance and work on your part after occupation.  We are here for the long haul and hope to walk away from every project with new friends through a process of honesty, integrity, and open communication.

Still Have Questions?

Please reach out to us and we would love to help.